Monday, November 24, 2014

Dr. Sheep

Last night I justified last Yule's gift-to-me.  I needed to justify last year's purchase so I could free myself to potentially gift-to-me some more. Because I'm the only family member who seems to believe me when I say I WANT YARN AND FIBRE AND KNITTING OR SPINNING TOOLS FOR GIFTS.

I started with the sheep intended by the kit.

This was my first time working in 3D felting. It was fun. Not a perfect looking sheep, but I don't entirely blame myself because the instructions were crap.

There was plenty of fibre leftover, but all I had next to me while watching the TV was the black. So I started this...

And today he was finished.

He'll be flying down to KW as an Uptown Knit Mob Stashdown prize.
Yes folks, you read that correctly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fluffin Snow

There are big fluffy snowflakes falling.
So thought I'd have a quick sale on wintery knits.
Use code FSnow for 50% off my wintery knits - found here in this bundle on Ravelry.
(There is an ongoing sale on my Dragon knits too, FYI).

Good thing I already made kiddo this fluffy cowl - using the Really Want You in my World pattern - well, based on it. This one is wider.

She loves it. It can do all sorts of cool things, she says.

Yes, it can even double as a baby-doll sling. (Baby not shown here.)