Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The Battle-Weary was re-blocked to keep me warm with this dress on.

I was so very excited to be able to wear this dress again. I've had it for 16 years... why yes, since my highschool grad.

Back in the day.

This is the dollar store mask I upgraded for the event.  The sparkles already matched my dress perfectly.  Removed the useless ties and added a stick to hold it up with.  Most importantly, I crocheted several motifs (mostly Irish style) using black crochet cotton and leftover Montague lace from the shawl and glued them on. I'd debated doing something more complex - such as a full lace mask - but I decided to be realistic. Even these did not glued on until 2 hours before the event.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Battle Worn Dragon

This morning I decided I should reblock my Battle Weary shawl to wear tomorrow to a masquerade ball - where I will be wearing a silver dress.
It's the only thing I have that will remotely coordinate with the dress.  I've realized I need a  "little black lace stole".  There was not time to knit one, even though I have the black lace yarn.

As I was stretching it over the mats I discovered this:

 So I dug out this wee bit of leftovers

 then I added a new scar -this one is horizontal and not part of the design.  Have you ever tried to duplicate stitch over a slipped stitches and garter pattern in fine yarn?  Yeah, I knew it was hopeless to try and match it, especially with the yarn drying and toddlers waiting impatiently.

 The scar stands out more right now as the item is wet but the scar-yarn is dry.

 I'm going to chalk it up to battles. It's more character...